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  1. Hey Joe. I stumbled across your version of “Better” online. Very fun and thanks for the song-of-the-day! Still playing a bunch?
    Best of luck in your efforts.


    • Hi Toby. My rare copy of Sugar Coated Truth comes in handy, especially during those angsty post-breakup periods.

      Rocking a lot actually, with my band GUPPY EFFECT. We have some brand new videos on Facebook if you want to check them out:

      Is Sugar Coated Truth available anywhere, or is it out of print? You guys should at least make it available for digital download via AMAZON, iTunes, etc. It could be a small stream of discretionary cash. Have you heard of TUNECORE?


      They will distribute your album to all the major online distributors for a reasonable flat annual fee and take no royalties. No hard copies of the CD required, ever!

      I’d even help promote it via my blog and other ways.

      I see Toby Kane band is doing alright. I spoke to Monte Amende a while back. I get Darren’s drum podcasts sometimes too.

      Maybe GUPPY EFFECT can swap a gig with TKB some time. I also play in PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND =



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