Hi Friends.

Winter hiatus has been over for almost a month now, even if Winter has codependency issues at the moment. My full band GUPPY EFFECT has been out performing a little. CACTUS JOE (that’s me!) has a solo acoustic show performance at the Common Ground coffee shoppe in Middleton WI on Saturday May 12th at 8 PM. It’s even gonna be broadcast on the radio globally to the whole world. Then GUPPY EFFECT acoustic duo is gonna perform right after that, at 9 PM.

My musical presence just started an indefinite hiatus from the social media, mostly Facebook. The ratio of lost time to both productivity and return on investment was increasing exponentially (a bad thing). The social media pundits would probably argue that I simply wasn’t using it effectively, and they can shove that idea right up their arses. In any case, for now you can only get you daily (or weekly) dose o’ Joe right here on my official website…and business is good. Subscribe or bookmark this page…or better yet, come to a show and we’ll get you connected.

For some musicians, myself included, it’s time to get back to analog music media. Social media are a useless mess for connecting fans with good music. So I hope to see you soon!



About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Manwich B is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. He also hosts and livestreams the infamous live music house concerts from the Manwich Music Mansion.

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