I am a pretty darn good bass guitarist and rock-n-roll performer for hire, as well as an award winning songwriter. I have been playing music for 25+ years and I have acquired a sizeable repertoire of songs over the years, both covers and originals. I have great stage presence and can also do some decent lead or backing male vocals here and there as needed.

Commensurate with my skills and experience, I am selective in the gigs I will perform and demand a competetive price. I’ve outlined the non-negotiable terms of my contract bass playing services below. If you find these terms to be too stringent, then I am probably not a good fit for your bass needs, but I have been exploited enough in the past to know that these terms are absolutely necessary to avoid weak sauce.

If you’d like to hire me to perform with your band or music group, please send me an inquiry via e-mail to ragbraijoe@yahoo.com only AFTER reading this page in its entirety.

In order to guarantee the highest quality standard of performance and musicianship, the following non-negotiable terms apply when hiring me (Cactus Joe) to perform with your band. These terms have been developed based on my many years of experience performing in rock-n-roll bands.

Effective March 16 2017 to March 15 2018:

1. For all shows I perform, professional sound gear (including microphones) and lights must be provided by the music venue or outsourced to a professional vendor. I am not expected to supply, transport, maintain, setup, or teardown any sound or lighting equipment other than that required for provision of bass guitar services at the show.

2. I do not play any gigs between November 1 and March 15, due to winter weather, but I am available to rehearse within 10 miles of Middleton WI (see #3) during that time. I do not perform before 10 PM on Fridays year round and then only local to Madison WI (due to grad school classes). Exceptions to this, negotiated on a case by case basis, require double the standard rate of pay (see #3) AND provision of safe, reliable transportation of me and my equipment to and from the venue on the date of the performance AND provision of free overnight lodging, if needed.

3. My fee per performance is a minimum of $20 per hour on site, including load in, setup, and teardown + $1 per mile of travel (round trip) to and from performance venues greater than 20 miles from Middleton WI. Time required and total compensation must be confirmed in writing in advance of the performance and received by me, in cash or via PayPal, no later than 72 hours after completion of the performance. Rehearsals for performances, if needed, are compensated at a rate of $1 per mile of travel (round trip) to rehearsal locations greater than 10 miles from Middleton WI.

4. I must be given at least 14 days notice in writing of the song repertoire (aka, setlist) for any given performance, as well as provided with appropriate sound recordings of any unfamiliar music I am expected to learn.

5. Any breach of the above terms makes null and void any of my future gig obligations with the client.

Having played in many bands, some of them undervalued and/or exploited, these terms have become necessary so that I can prioritize my music projects, play high quality shows, and be fairly compensated. I am not a music hobbyist. I am also not a managing member of your band project helping it get off the ground. I am a rock-n-roll mercenary for hire to the highest bidder, and I make a simple guarantee: Once you agree to these terms and lock me in for a performance date, you will have excellent, reliable rocking in the low end department. But it’s your band and your life, so if you want to hire someone else for less, just know that you get what you pay for.

Print, sign, and date this page prior to my first performance with you so that I know you have read and agree to these terms.

PRINT NAME______________



  1. Sweet! I wish more musicians had a “rider” like this. Helps keep standards high!


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