Rock-n-Roll Rescue

I am playing a few shows with YOUR MOM (the band) over the next few weeks due to their bass player breaking his hand in an untimely manner.

I tell you this mainly because one of said shows is tonight and I’d like you to come get your game on.

@Bowl-a-vard Lanes (MAP)
FRIDAY 12/28/18
9 PM to 1 AM
Free Admish

It’s a ton of cover songs, rock, pop, and country. There’s beer and bowling too.

Manwich Music News: Polyester, Head Gear, and Man Cabbage!

There is a time for polyester, head gear, and man cabbage.

It’s not all the time or even very often.

But when it’s time…it’s time.



In other news, I am officially decommissioning the CACTUS JOE moniker after discovering it had been besmirched by a namesake doppelganger in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. Notwithstanding my rightful claim to the name’s trademark and copyright, the goods are now proverbially “damaged” and it is time to embrace my true rock-n-roll superhero alter ego, the polyester clad, headgear adorned, man cabbage endowed…MANWICH.

I may still answer to CACTUS JOE, but the preferred nomenclature is now MANWICH. If you see a reference to CACTUS JOE somewhere, let me know and I will try to eradicate it. Any performances by the alt Cactus Joe that you may see going forward are not me and I do not necessarily endorse them, although I might…who knows?


M\m/ (this is my abbreviated signature…)

A Big Thanks!

Hi Friends.

First, thanks to everyone who came out to Common Ground last Saturday night to see CACTUS JOE and GUPPY EFFECT together on the same stage, and thanks even if you didn’t, because we like you. If you missed it, there’s live streamed video HERE:

Second…well @#$%! I am back on the Face. Facebook that is. I am keeping it real low profile, but I wanted to make sure everyone is privvy to the good rocking. Here’s the link:



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