February Album Writing Month 2017

Hello Friends.

It’s nine days into February Album Writing Month (FAWM) 2017, and I haven’t lifted a finger to compose even one song yet this month. I could give you a valid excuse – that I’m on a tropical vacation in South Florida and having a blast soaking up sunshine and looking for alligators, dolphins, and manatees (all of which have been spotted on this trip) – but I know my fellow FAWMers won’t buy that for a second. I was on a Caribbean cruise during FAWM 2016 and I still managed to pound out a couple songs with the help of a very portable ukulele. I didn’t bring the uke with me this time, but that’s still no excuse. I could whistle tunes into my smart phone mic or even just write some lyrics, and that would count, but I haven’t. I might, but probably won’t do anything until my vacation is over on Valentine’s Day. My plan is to kick it into high gear starting on February 15 and see how productive I can be the second half of the month. With a few successful collaborations, I might even hit the 14 song FAWM goal.

Anyway, this Florida trip has all kinds of inspirado for songs of a festive tropical nature. But I hate those kinds of songs. They are playing those kinds of songs in all the shops and restaurants down here, and they are annoying. Great…you live near the beach and drink fruity rum cocktails all day and watch hot girls in bikinis. Lucky you.

I am having tons of fun here though. Here’s a video for you of a manatee encounter we had whilst kayaking in Tarpon Bay, on the north side of Sanibel Island FL.

Anyway, stay tuned to my FAWM page. Maybe something good will show up there soon. How are things with you? Leave a comment.

*Note: You’ll see some collaborative songs on my FAWM wall, but these are mostly the work of my fellow FAWMer AquaMunkee, bringing to fruition some quick and dirty song ideas we hashed out back in January. Thanks Aqua!

About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Manwich B is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. He also hosts and livestreams the infamous live music house concerts from the Manwich Music Mansion.

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