Rock-n-Roll 2013

It is usually around St. Patrick’s Day that my rock-n-roll year starts to kick off. Usually, the weather is starting to improve, February Album Writing Month is not only behind me, but has sometimes yielded a few juicy original songs to start performing with my various bands.

Every year, the rock-n-roll agenda varies, which is nice. I am ready to start ramping things up for this year.

My rock-n-roll year usually starts to wind down around Halloween at the end of Rocktober, because I hate winter and so do most of my friends and music fans.

I want to end rock-n-roll year 2013 with a house party called KHAKTOBERFEST, hosted by my band HIATVS (bunch of khaks) and celebrating the year’s musical successes.

The goals this year are as follows:

1. Find a front person for HIATVS to make it a 4 piece and diversify what we can do.

2. Add some originals to the HIATVS song repertoire, with lyrics optimally composed by said front person in #1.

3. Get the HIATVS offshoot side project “Hammer of the Gods,” a Led Zeppelin cover band, up and running.

4. Form an all original humorous and theatrical power punk band called PHALLUSY, if that name is not already taken, to hone 10 to 15 originals, record and produce them (preferably on vinyl), and play a few promotional shows behind the album.

5. Play a few choice GUPPY EFFECT shows here and there, with whatever lineups for that band are available.

The only gig on the books right now is a GUPPY EFFECT v1.0 annual tradition to perform at ROCKFEST in Delevan WI on Saturday June 15.

Anyway, one of the first orders of business will be to seek out quality, energetic singers to serve the Rock Gods as a front person and/or songwriter for HIATVS and/or PHALLUSY and/or HAMMER OF THE GODS.

HIATVS plays mostly covers right now, but we are not adverse to originals if we can find a decent songwriter to help with lyrics (our weak area…too busy bringing the thunder).

Drop us a line if interested in trying out for one or more of these. It’s a tough job rocking with me and my bands, but you will be saving the world from mediocre music, and thus it would be unethical not to try.

If you care about humanity, rock-n-roll is your duty and calling.

See ya.



About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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