NYE Jazz Night in Madison WI

This has been a phenomenally jazzy week, and there is more to come.

Madison jazz guitarist Charlie Painter asked me to play bass with his jazz group on Thursday 12/27 at the Essen Haus. I accepted the offer and because I effectively had the entire week off for the holidays, I was able to spend a lot of time practicing the tunes.

Because I am also spending a lot of time learning jazz piano these days, the jazz music theory is coming in really handy for the bass lines too. I find myself with a much broader depth of knowledge about the jazz changes as a result of the piano work. And even though I am playing bass in this group, a few of the songs are ones I am working on for jazz piano as well.

We were also able to twist the arm of awesome Madison drummer Eric “Shack” Shackelford to get him to join the gig. The group was rounded out by the saxophone chops of one Kristen Schram.

Because my parents were in town for the holidays, we also asked my trombone playing dad to guest with the group on a few numbers. That was very fun. He brought a C tuned trombone so he could read standard charts. He and I went through all the songs a few times before the gig, so he didn’t have to go in cold. But it is a very laid back group of musicians, so he could have if he wanted to. But he was staying at my house for a few days prior to the gig, so why not run the songs.

Charlie also booked this group a New Years Eve show at the Fountain on State Street in Madison WI. The lineup is the same, sans my pops, because he and my mom had to drive back to Ohio. I have had even more time to rehearse the tunes and it is going to be “tizzight,” to use the parlance of our hip times.

Because the Fountain is a classier joint, I think they are going for a jazz and champagne vibe that will deter the “let’s get shitfaced and puke all over ourselves” NYE crowd. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But this is just something different and more special if you want to get out of your binge drinking comfort zone and try a different kind of sauce. Hipster sauce.

If you happen to be passing by the Fountain some time after 10 PM on Monday night 12/31/12, do stop in and shake your booty for a spell.



About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. http://www.cactusjoeproductions.com

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