Rocking: Value vs. Money

One of the best things about my new rock-n-roll band JEEBUS PREEBUS is that they are a 100% VALUE band. The band has no interest in making money, and in fact has no way to make money even if they wanted to. Freedom from money is BUILT IN to this band.

That means freedom from exploitation and selling out. This band can focus on the art form of awesome rock-n-roll, true value. When value is the only incentive, the music is thousands of times better than when money is the incentive. Value is priceless. A great rock-n-roll show is priceless, and also FREE if it is a JEEBUS PREEBUS ROCK-N-ROLL HOUSE PARTY.

We host our own house parties, in a home environment that has all of the benefits of a live music show with none of the down sides. There is parking o’ plenty, the party is at an early hour (usually 6-10 PM), the music is high energy but low volume, the seats are comfortable, the bathrooms are clean, there is no smoking, and you are surrounded only by your closest friends (no a-holes).

Even the beer is free at JP shows. We don’t want money ever to come between a rock-n-roll fan and US.

The awesome and unmatched setting of JP rock shows is half of the value. The other half is that JEEBUS PREEBUS is an incredibly fun and rocking band. There is something for everyone and the musicianship is awesome.

So, you can continue to patronize mediocre rock shows at lame dive bars and music venues.

But when you are ready, Jeebus Preebus welcomes you and invites you to come to one of our house parties, a cut above anything else out there. You can’t beat a rock-n-roll house party with free music and beer.


About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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