The Potential Energy of Rock Stardom

I will admit it. I am a rockstar. I am not being prideful, it’s just true. In fact, my humility is probably why I am not a well known, famous, or rich rockstar. But in reality, I am a rockstar none the less. Let’s call it rockstar potentiality.

You see, I work hard at rocking. Not incredibly hard, because I’m blessed with some innate talent and frankly with the mediocre music scene out there, it doesn’t pay to be too awesome, just pretty awesome. If you are too awesome, no one can meet your high standards and expectations, and that leads only to frustration and an inability to reach your rocknroll goals (or you can become a solo performer, but that can be limiting for other reasons).

My rocknroll goals, as defined by my rock-n-roll vision, are fairly modest. I want to have a band that rehearses diligently, performs quality rock shows that entertain uniquely in a holistic setting, and plays some of my better original rock songs, as well as quality rocking often esoteric cover songs that we enjoy.

Not all of my original songs are that good, but all of them are “practice” for producing the handful of good ones. I know when one of my songs is good and when one is mediocre or even bad. The bad one’s never see the light of day. The mediocre ones might be occasionally presented to a live audience, usually via a solo acoustic performance, to get positive and negative feedback. The good ones I add to the rock-n-roll repertoire of whatever band I happen to be in at the moment.

At the current moment, my band is JEEBUS PREEBUS, based in Madison WI. This band meets most of my goals as outlined above. They rehearse diligently, weekly on Wednesdays. They interpret rock songs creatively so they can be uniquely presented and they don’t conform to the outdated and stupid conventions of other bands, like learning crowd pleasing cover songs to cheaply attract fans.

This band learns BAND-pleasing songs, both covers and originals. We also are not trying to make money or get famous. We have decided to shun the dive bar live music scene and instead host our own rock-n-roll house parties, attended by friends (and friends of friends) who want to come have a great time, without hassles, and listen to great theatrical rock-n-roll music in a clean and comfortable home environment where the seats are comfortable and the beer is free. Attendees usually bring a dish or snack to share, so everyone eats o’ plenty at Jeebus Preebus house parties too.

So, I am a rockstar. Just not a conventional one, but one of my own making who does not need money or fame to rock socks off. I would rather melt the faces of a handful of close friends who appreciate the uniqueness of the rock-n-roll only 4 or 5 times a year than play shitty songs every weekend for a bunch of musically illiterate bums in a bar who could care less about how much TLC we put into the quality rock-n-roll we create.

We spend 95% of our time on creating a high quality theatrical and fun rock-n-roll product, and 5% of our time actually presenting it via the medium of live rock-n-roll house parties.

Why would we waste that effort on a bunch of idiotic ne’er do wells who just don’t care or appreciate one of the top notch rock-n-roll bands of all time.

I say we are the best rock-n-roll band out there, bar none (including any national act you care to name) because of the awesome rock-n-roll experience we offer. I challenge you to say otherwise, but if you want to try, you are going to have to come to a Jeebus Preebus house party and judge for yourself. That’s the only way you can have any creedence to critique us. Because it is much more than just the music we play, it’s the awesomeness of the full house party experience.

I would even admit that as musicians go, we are probably a little sloppy and rough around the edges. Yeah, we even biff sometimes (although far less than in other bands I have played in). We have only been around about 3 months. But we practice diligently and we are probably better than a lot of bands, musically, who have been around for a few years (but who never practice and do the bare minimum).

To this end, I challenge any band to a rock off, with the caveat that we only perform in the medium of a house party. But if you are not comfortable in that medium, you can choose your own medium. We will, however, only perform at house parties where the beer is free. You can’t beat that. You know you can’t. But we challenge you to try.


About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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