End of an Era – Start of a Zombie Apocalypse

Tonight’s final farewell GUPPY EFFECT show marks the end of an era.

GUPPY EFFECT has been a constant in all of our lives for over 5 years now, even if you weren’t aware of it. That’s because GUPPY EFFECT was my brainchild, the band that I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into over those years, to bring you an amazingly rocking rock-n-roll show. The band made me a better singer and bass player, as well as a better person. So if you knew me, you knew GUPPY EFFECT.

I have mixed feelings about the decommissioning of the world’s most rocking band (just because we weren’t well known does not mean we did not rock 3 times harder than other name bands…our motto, which we always upheld at every live show). On the one hand, the Law of Diminishing Returns was at play. I was putting a lot of work into the band for very little return on investment. This came to a head when I bought a crapload of band merchandise for a fest we were playing at, only to have hardly anyone show up at the fest, because the community pulled their funding for the fest at the last minute (and there was no beer…a killer of any outdoor music concert in Wisconsin). I don’t blame anyone for the circumstances, but the situation was very hard on the soul. After that, it was hard to maintain my loyalty to the business end of GUPPY EFFECT and I began just focusing on the art of presenting a great rock-n-roll show. If people wanted us to play, great. But I wasn’t going out of my way to invest in booking, merch, etc.

This proved to be a wise choice, because then our guitarist decided that he wanted a break from the band to go and do other things, artistically. I do not hold that against him. I support everyone’s art. I was bummed when Regina left COWBOY MOUTH too, because she was an awesome chick bassist (my weakness). But I knew it was because she had to move on to other things in her life, so she could self-actualize. Plus, her replacement in COWBOY MOUTH is pretty much a spitting image, and so to the extent that I am objectifying the sexy, brunette, bass player of COWBOY MOUTH, I guess it doesn’t really matter who fills the role. Dang it, I probably just caused some political grief within the COWBOY MOUTH franchise. Sorry, COWBOY MOUTH. I don’t mean it in a bad way. The new bassist is great, much better stage presence than Regina. It is just that Regina holds a special place for me, because GUPPY EFFECT opened for you guys a couple of years ago (actually, that period of GUPPY EFFECT’s history probably stands out as our high point – I love COWBOY MOUTH and it was a real thrill to open for them…I was so nervous!).


Me and Regina

(former bassist for COWBOY MOUTH at the show we opened in 2009).

GUPPY EFFECT has played at Carp’s Landing a few times, and when they contacted us to play the show tonight (11/26/11), we decided that would be our last show as a band and we would go out with a bang (even though we knew Carp’s Landing hired us because no other bands would want to play the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend). So we started practicing all our greatest cover song hits to firehose some amazing rock-n-roll in people’s faces tonight. And we will.

This ending of an era is not as bad as it seems. Sure, I have a gazillion GUPPY EFFECT band t-shirts and thongs in my inventory, that I will probably be selling off at cost the next few months and giving away as Christmas presents.

But I also have a brand new awesome rock-n-roll band called JEEBUS PREEBUS, which is rocking, theatrical, dedicated, and fun. The lead singer is a fun and attractive chick rocker who digs 60s classic rock (and gets that rock-n-roll is about sexy expression, not how great you can sing…although she is a well above average singer). She knows I appreciate her innate talent as a front woman, but also accepts that I fully plan to sexploit her to attract male fans to our band (just kidding, Sir Psycho…on the square). We are all great friends in the band, and being co-workers at one time or another, who know the value of teamwork, we all contribute to making the band great. Of course, I am jaded as hell, and no matter how optimistic I may be about the band now, anything could happen. That is just the reality of the situation.

I realize that GUPPY EFFECT breaking up could spawn an outbreak of zombism, risking a global apocalypse of walking dead. However, to alleviate that risk, I am going to leave GUPPY EFFECT in existence on paper. That is, the web site will stay up and I may continue to produce a few original songs under that moniker, if they fit the high energy rock-n-roll vibe required.

That said, there is always the possibility (indeed, probability) of a GUPPY EFFECT reunion show. JEEBUS PREEBUS is hosting my birthday party house party on 1/7/12, and any Guppies in attendance will most assuredly take the “stage” (aka, living room) to rock out a few numbers. I would also like to do some occasional jams with original Guppies Wes and MG, maybe record something with them. Don’t tell, but they were always my favoritist people to rock with, GUPPY EFFECT or no GUPPY EFFECT. The chemistry was unmatched to date.

Well, I have reminisced long enough.

Come to the show tonight and get t-shirts and thongs at cost. I will buy you a beer if you mention REGINA of COWBOY MOUTH at the show. I don’t know, I like to insert little code phrases into these blog posts to see how many of you actually read to the end. I don’t envy you, but I will honor the free beer proposition.




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