Keep It Simple

Musician’s and bands get a lot of spammy marketing calls and e-mails from charlatan music business types trying to exploit music biz naive artists for a few bucks.

I found a really simple screening process for separating the charlatans from the people who really care about your music and want to help you.

I say found, because I did not discover it. I got it from Madison street musician Art Paul Schlosser.

All I do is ask the person trying to contact me, “What is your favorite song?” If they have done any research at all, they should at least know a song title. Then I can follow up with, “What do you like about it?” or maybe “Don’t you think SONG X is better?”

Based on the answers, I can always tell what kind of person they are. And they are almost never legit.

Sometimes they change the subject completely.

Sometimes they pretend they have listened but you can tell from their shallow answers they haven’t.

Sometimes they try to call you out for being presumptuous and patronizing them.

All of those responses are epic FAILS.

I work hard to make good music. I only want to work with people who truly appreciate this and know we have the goods.

If you like this idea, comment.

BTW, I am rocking this weekend both solo and with my band GUPPY EFFECT. If you really love our music, you’ll be there by any means necessary.

If you don’t, well, we will still rock just as hard as always without you…


About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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  1. A recent response from one of these charlatans when I asked him what his favorite song was…

    “Call 818.505.1836 for the answer.”

    Feel free to call him and find out. His name is Brian.


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