This Week With Cactus Joe

Hey Everyone.

Joe here.

Well, Brink Lounge (Madison WI) Open Mic Night is ON for this Wednesday 6/16.

The focus is on local bands this week, and they have to pre-schedule with me to perform.

All but one slot remains available between 9:30 to 11:30 PM. GUPPY EFFECT will probably fill it if no one else does.

GUPPY EFFECT is playing Thursday and Friday in Watertown and Fort Atkinson, respectively. PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND is playing Saturday at Wiggie’s in Madison WI.

Today was a fabulous day. I worked at the CSA farm this morning for three (3) hours. There is nothing cooler than working at something that is immediately and 100% productive. It reminded me why I “fired” my last employer and set off to work for myself.

In Corporate America, there is no interest in productivity. The goal is inefficiency – just look as busy as possible. 80% of the time, you were spinning wheels, doing purposeless tasks for an a-hole boss with absolutely no vision as to why he was making you do stuff. During the 20% of the time you were actually able to accomplish meaningful tasks, the boss was there to thwart you.

I worked on my 250 free business cards campaign and assorted other tasks before taking my dog Buddy out to the dog park late afternoon (via the bank, so as to claim a little business mileage).

I had the “gentle leader” head collar on Buddy, which works like a charm. So when I got home, I wrote a blog post about the thing. I only tell you that because I need to shamelessly back link to the blog post about it. Thanks for waiting.

On Wednesday 6/16 at noon I will be performing at Waterhouse Foods Cafe in Lake Mills WI as some light acoustic entertainment for the Lake Mills Farmer’s Market crowd. It should be a nice draw, what with the huge marketplace across the street.

I recently watched the shockumentary “FOOD INC.” about our toxic food industry, and I came away from it with a strong motivation to buy local and organic whenever possible (yep, another heart felt back link…). We vote with every meal.

My goal of synching fully with the Internet Brain is coming along nicely.


About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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