I Love My Washburn T25 5-String Bass Guitar

I love playing bass guitar.

It’s true that when I write songs or perform solo, I generally use an acoustic 6-string guitar.

But I am a bass player. I’m not an awesome bass player, but I am damn good. I am a much better bass player than I am a guitar player, although I can get by on guitar. There is just something about the bass guitar I gravitate toward. It feels right.

Washburn Taurus T25 5-String Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural MahoganyI have several basses, but the one I really love to play live on is my 5-string Washburn T25 bass. That’s a picture of it on the left there (click on it to see a larger image and learn more about it). The T stands for “Taurus” (The Bull). It is a solid instrument. I’ve never broken a string on it performing, and that says a lot because my live rock-n-roll shows are very intense and high energy. It also rarely goes out of tune. I can see why they named it the Washburn “Taurus”. It is a beefy bass. And that’s no bull (sorry, I could not resist…)!

I don’t know that much about Washburn basses, or Washburn instruments in general. This is the only one I have ever owned, and if I have played some at a guitar store here or there, I don’t remember it. I am the kind of person who goes with what I like, and I really like this bass guitar.

I do remember the first time I played this particular bass guitar. It belonged to a friend of mine in Iowa and my band was out there sharing a stage with his band. I don’t remember why I ended up playing his Washburn bass at the show. Maybe mine broke a string, or something.

But I remember loving it’s tasty sound. So when I found out he was selling it a couple of years ago, I snatched it up and sold my 5-string Peavey Grind bass, which was actually very prone to breaking strings.

The Washburn T25 is not a cheap bass guitar. It runs about $500 new. I bought it used from my friend for $250, and as used bass guitars go, I think it still would have been a bargain at $500.

I love it.


About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. http://www.cactusjoeproductions.com

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