My Open Mic

Hi Everyone.

Cactus Joe’s Open Mic Night is moving, and for a few good reasons.

First, people love open mic night, both the performers and the audience.

Second, the consensus is that people want to keep this going (even though the Brink Lounge can no longer host it due to conflicting events).

Third, we now have the opportunity to expand this to TV, not just a live audience.

Cactus Joe’s Open Mic Night will still take place on Wednesdays at 7 PM.

However, the new location will be the Amundson Center in downtown historic scenic Cambridge WI.

Cambridge Cable Access TV (TV4) will film the event and it will be broadcast 12+ times per week between episodes. This is a great opportunity to get your music heard by a wide audience, and if you know me, you know this show will be awesome and far more entertaining than Village Board Meetings (which are important for the public record, don’t get me wrong…).

Initially, I will host open mics as performer and audience demand dictates. Optimally we will hold it every week.

I have enough participants and interest to host the first one on Wednesday December 9 at 7 PM. That is next week. RSVP HERE:

Because we can only accomodate 3 artists per Wednesday (two 15-minute openers and one 30-minute showcase = approximately an hour show), performers will need to RESERVE SLOTS in advance.

E-MAIL ME (at the e-mail above). Indicate the Wednesday you would like to perform and whether you prefer to open (15 minutes) or showcase (30 minutes).

I already have my performers for Wednesday 12/9, but the venue is huge and we want lots of audience. So RSVP if you want to come watch some great music!



About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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