Let’s see here…

Hi everyone.

This week I will be co-hosting “Enter the Medicine” on WSUW 91.7 FM in Whitewater, Tuesday 9/22 and Thursday 9/24 from 5-6 PM with Matt Alba and Ashley Haan.

I’m performing solo at ALCHEMY (formerly Wonder’s Pub) in Madison, WI on Wednesday 9/23 at 10 PM. I’ve played there before and it is always super fun.

I will also debut on bass guitar with CAPTAIN’S REMORSE this Friday 9/25 at Riley Tavern in Riley, WI (somewhere near Verona, WI I guess…). They are a hard party rocking cover band and it will be a good time, largely entertaining for the fact that I am madly learning their songs and it’s sure to be hilarious watching me get through the songs by the skin of my teeth.

Saturday 9/25, I perform a solo debut at Rock Island Cafe in Neenah, WI (just outside of Appleton, WI) at around 7 PM. It’s FREE.

How are things? Please comment below.

I’m just working hard at bringing you the best rocking I can.



About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. http://www.cactusjoeproductions.com

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  1. Pretty funny Joe!, you’ll tear it up on our material, people will love it.



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